Internacional Social Work

Itaca Trabajo Social - Social Work For Expats Living In Spain

We are here to help you. We have years of experience providing: social advice for settling down in Spain, guidance for resolving difficult social situations and support for improving client’s quality of life in Spain. 

Did you know your company could also benefit from our services? A friendly work environment and home life creates happy and more productive employees.

Our programs design by educational professionals aim to reduce truancy and school absenteeism by promoting; student motivation, values of social cohesion, tolerance, respect, and developing students; self-esteem, self-concept, soft skills, etc.

We work with you to identify personal skills and abilities in order to achieve your aims in the; social, educational, professional and recreational spheres, allowing greater autonomy in all areas of daily life.

Why choose our services? What makes us different?

  • Extensive experience behind us.
  • CLOSE team that attends all your needs from an integral perspective.
  • Our networking achieves the best results.
  • We are an innovative team in continuous training to keep abreast of the latest developments.
  • We move to know the realities and meet the needs of each person, group or entity.
  • As if we were a tailor designing a tailor-made dress, our services are personalized.
  • Customer service in Spanish and English.
  • Educational projects focused on people with disabilities and special needs.

+17 years of experience

Bilingual service: Spanish and English

Goal achievement

Customized and tailored services to meet various needs

“As professionals we are defined by our curiosity, our desire to innovate and what we implement in each new challenge and project.”

Cristina Salado