For Foreing Expats in Spain

If you are either:

     ● Planning to move to Spain.

     ● An expat already living in Spain.


We are here to help you. We have years of experience providing: social advice for settling down in Spain, guidance for resolving difficult social situations and support for improving client’s quality of life in Spain. 


 What do we offer? 

     ● Information about your rights and access to living in Spain, including health care, retirement, special needs, benefits, bank procedures, census certificate, educational centres adapted to each people needs.

     ● Help with finding a job or desired training.

     ● Assistance with arranging public or private resources such as:

                    – Pensions (retirement or widowhood)

                    – Disability certificate.

                    – Non-contributory pensions.

                    – Technical aid and adaptation of the home or any others.

     ● A liaison for family members and friends living around the world.

     ● A tailored social inclusion plan. We build a bespoke program for individuals or groups at risk of social exclusion in order to achieve greater inclusion in all aspects of life i.e., leisure, employment, education and home and living.


Moving to a new country or learning a new language can be hard enough so we specialize in making the transition as smooth as possible. You don’t have struggle alone, so let’s work together, we have been working for foreign expats in Spain for several years.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us 😊