Social Work in the Educational Field

Our programs design by educational professionals aim to reduce truancy and school absenteeism by promoting; student motivation, values of social cohesion, tolerance, respect, and developing students; self-esteem, self-concept, soft skills, etc.


What do we offer?

Training and workshops on topics such as prevention, awareness, social skills, equality, etc.

      – Workshops for teaching team and students.

     – Specialist training for people with functional diversity, students with special needs or other specific requirements.

     – Academic and professional orientation.

     – We help students to discover interests and educational possibilities, and we accompany decision-making in the academic choice, always from an innovative perspective and adapted to the current reality.


How do we do it?

We analyse and identify the needs of both the students and the educational centre, in order to develop a tailor-made project.


In Itaca Social Work in the educational field we provide you with guidance on how complete a socio-educational project in your centre.